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KazFont - free programmer font for Windows

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1. Visual clarity

"TrueType fonts look great."

True, if the font size is big enough. When using font sizes appropriate for source code editing, TrueType fonts look gray and foggy. That's the reason why so many programmers use Terminal font.

Let's compare KazFont with also often used CourierNew monospaced TrueType font with similar sizes.

KazFont 8Courier New 7
KazFont 8 Courier New 7
KazFont 9Courier New 8
KazFont 9 Courier New 8
KazFont 10Courier New 9
KazFont 10 Courier New 9
KazFont 12Courier New 12
KazFont 12 Courier New 12
KazFont 13Courier New 13
KazFont 13 Courier New 13

When you read blurred text, your eyes try to focus and get tired. If you work many hours daily for many years, you will have to visit your oculist soon.

If you constantly look at gray and foggy text, your mind also became gray and foggy. To work effective, you should stay sharp and placid like KazFont.

If KazFont apear too contrasting for you, you can always change the font color or background color in the text editor.
But you cannot increase contrast of CourierNew at these small sizes.

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