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4. Multilanguage support

KazFont contain bitmaps for Western (CP1252) and Central European (CP1250) encodings.

Programmers often deal with HTML code, therefore KazFont also contain bitmaps for 8859-1 and 8859-2 encodings. To make operating system happy, 8859-1 is marked as Western, and 8859-2 is marked as CE.

Normally you do not need a special font for editing HTML. Editors usually convert characters according to 'charset' parameter of the HTML code.

But when you use 'KazFont 8859', you can read HTML text using any editor including Notepad or even in your IDE's debug or find windows.

You can also see ISO C1 codes as hex values, so you can easily target incompatible characters. Also non-breaking space and soft hyphen are marked.

KazFont 8859-1 (marked as CP1252)KazFont 8859-2 (marked as CP1250)
KazFont 8859-1 8 KazFont 8859-2 8
KazFont 8859-1 9 KazFont 8859-2 9
KazFont 8859-1 10 KazFont 8859-2 10
KazFont 8859-1 12 KazFont 8859-2 12
KazFont 8859-1 13 KazFont 8859-2 13

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